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Matt McCann

Matt was raised in Kansas and educated in Kansas schools. As a graduate of Kansas State University (Bachelor of Science: Theater), he is deeply troubled by the current leadership's inability to properly fund and maintain our education system.

McCann has been working as an electronics technician for a locally owned KS business and is currently a technical trainer. He is also active in local theater, comedy, music and arts. 

Matt McCann is a Progressive Democrat running for the Kansas House of Representatives in district 25. 

Fund Essential State Programs

Kansas has traditionally been a conservative state with low taxes and small government. The past several years have seen this agenda taken to the extreme, and the current state of our schools, infrastructure and social safety net has reflected this extremism. As a progressive, McCann will support changing the tax code so that those who benefit the most from living, working and playing in Kansas pay their fair share into the system from which they gain so much. A modern community relies on consistent and adequate funding to provide essential services from which all of us benefit. Educated students become educated workers, who become educated consumers. The virtuous cycle of a healthy economy relies on all of us to play our parts. 

Provide A Living Wage to Kansas Workers

During the golden age of the middle class ('50s and '60s) a family of four could be supported by a single individual working 40 hours per week. That golden age has been swept away by Republican efforts that eliminated workers' rights to a living wage and collective bargaining. As a progressive, McCann will fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and repeal the so-called "right to work" legislation that has crippled Kansas Unions. No person - whose labor is making our community a better place to live - should be living in poverty. The supply and demand of goods, services and labor is a scale that has become obscenely unbalanced to the supply side. Due to years and years of conservative propaganda and terrible economic policy, a family of four can barely survive even with two full-time workers in the home. An entire lifetime of labor has been stolen from every working class family. But if we needed more evidence that these economic policies don't work, Governor Brownback and Kansas Republicans have made the national problem even worse here at home with their "trickle-down" experiment. It's time for Kansas to boldly reverse course. 

Eliminate Big Money in Politics

Kansas finds itself at the heart of a national problem. Extremely wealthy people have purchased local elections to push their personal agendas into law through privately run think-tanks and bill-mills. State by State, these billionaire-funded bills find themselves on legislative floors, only to be passed by legislators whose campaigns are funded by these same wealthy donors. Kansas is at the heart of the Republican agenda to privatize and capitalize all aspects of what was once a government of the people. McCann will support national legislation, including and up to a Constitutional Amendment to impose hard limits on all campaign contributions. This will require, at minimum, overturning the 2010 Citizen's United Supreme Court decision that allowed this monopoly over our democracy. Nearly every problem described on this page ultimately boils down to this core issue. Until we wrest control of our own government back from those with immense wealth, they will continue to act as defacto-royalty -  and the rest of us will be left without a voice. 

Support Clean Energy Initiatives

Kansas is in a unique position to lead the country in clean energy policy. The time of burning carbon to power our homes and cars is quickly coming to an end. Hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) is wreaking untold havoc on our land and water. Our southern border is now experiencing daily earthquakes. Before 2009, Southern Kansas was likely to experience one minor earth tremor per year (sometimes none at all). Last year, there were more than 600 earthquakes along our southern border. A government that stands by and does nothing while the Earth literally crumbles beneath its feet is derelict of its duty to protect its citizens. It is now crucial that we invest in renewable energy sources - including wind, solar and hydro-electric power. These technologies are now viable and cost-effective, and we only need a resolute political will to implement these systems. Together, we must stem the tide of climate change and march into a future of clean energy. 

Expand Medicaid/Embrace Health Care Reforms

Millions of dollars of Kansas medicaid remains out of the state budget due to a Republican unwillingness to work with the Federal government. Lawmakers have refused to participate in the new models for health care simply because those models are associated with a President they dislike. As a progressive, McCann believes that all citizens should have access to quality health care, regardless of employment status or means. At the state level, there are steps that can be taken to give healthcare access to millions more people and provide aid to stuggling Kansas hospitals. McCann will fight hard for struggling families and the Kansas working poor; it's the right thing to do. No one should be sick when there are qualified professionals down the road, ready and willing to make them well. The current state of health-care in KS is as amoral as it is tragic. 

Equal Rights and Opportunity For All

The people of Kansas come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. There should be no reason why somebody's gender, gender identity, race, religion, or sexuality should prevent them having or keeping a job, or from choosing to live the life they deem best for themselves. No person should ever face eviction from their apartment, or be refused service at a public business simply for being who they are. We must put an end to this type of vile descrimination. The state has a responsibility to make policies and laws that reflect these inclusive values. Recent Republican attacks on the gay and transgender communities are par for the course for the political party that has consistently fought against civil, LGBTQ+ and women's rights. As a progressive, McCann believes in a woman's right to choose and equal pay for equal work. He believes immigrants and members of our trans-gendered community should be welcomed and embraced, instead of rejected and scape-goated. McCann is supportive of the causes and values reflected in the Black Lives Matter movement, and he embraces the need for criminal justice reform.

Matt McCann for KS House 25

Take back this State!

A new approach in KS

Conservative policies have brought Kansas to the brink of disaster. It's time to rethink our approach to Kansas government.